Aavyan labs main focus on

Synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)/ intermediates and impurities: We have developed number of impurities & intermediates as on date. Our team keeps on reviewing latest pharmacopial monograph and also keeps the impurity standards with certification ready to save the time of our users.

Impurity isolation and characterization: Isolation & Purification of known and unknown Impurities from mg to gm scale is done by our extremely qualified scientists. They are expertise in the synthesis, purification & crystallization of complex molecules and we have executed most critical isolations and purifications in the recent past. We are experts in the structure interpretation by advanced technologies like 2-D NMR techniques involving Homonuclear correlation experiments like NOESY, COSY, TOCSY, ROESY and Heteronuclear correlation experiments like HMQC, HSQC, HMBC.

Process development. We give services for the process development which are includes with certain challenges, With traditional manufacturing, the pharma industry has been able to achieve a desired product quality but is associated with excessive costs, high waste, rejections and delays. We have several techniques in optimization process under improving yields by reducing costs from small scale to pilot scale by efficiency and quality in bottleneck areas.

Contract Research Services:- Aavyan labs is a CRO based company in custom synthesis of various libraries of medicinal compounds, API, intermediates, impurities, oligomers, chiral auxiliaries, carbohydrate scaffolds, natural & non natural amino acids and its peptides for the academic institutes and pharmaceutical industries.

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